“Dr. Annika” is an executive consultant focused on comprehensive stress management techniques – both prevention, and treatment. As an MD, who has specialized in family medicine in Sweden for more than 20 years, her knowledge base is expansive, and her approach is unique and highly individualized.

According to Dr. Annika, we’ve got it all wrong. We talk about how much we’ve evolved over time, and in part, it’s true. But for human beings to really be functional, satisfied – truly happy — she believes we need to go back to the basics. Our brains seek stimulation, and our bodies need to move! Period. And we have to find models to help keep us on that track.

We must dare to be true to ourselves — to see ourselves as we really are, and then commit to who we know we want to be, and can most definitely be. We must dare to seek the “man in the mirror”, to truly understand we can’t change anyone but ourselves. It’s when we truly accept this notion, that we can make positive changes for the future.

Her method is clear and simple: commit to our “whole being”, and recapture our inner power which helps us navigate the turnstiles of life.

She works with clients globally, either in her office in Lund, Sweden, or via Skype. First sessions normally consist of a full day workshop. About a week prior to the session, clients receive an e-mail link for a personality and motivational assessment created by Ensize, a Swedish company with expertise in leadership, organizational development, change management, sales and human behavior. It takes about 25 minutes to complete the questions. A date is then set for the initial session, where the assessment if reviewed, and road forward is set. Five subsequent sessions are held via Skype, each around 2 hours. We glance at all pieces of the wheel of life every time, but dive more deeply into the most critical pieces, depending on the individual and where they are in the process.
The sixth and final two- to four-hour wrap-up session summarizes key successes, and lays out a strategy for the next 12 months. Sometimes she continues to “hold hands” on the journey; sometimes the client embarks on his or her own.

Based on the “Wheel of Life,” eight key areas are highlighted throughout the process: Personal Development; Health; Work; Money; Networks; Intimacy; Fee Time/Hobbies; and Your Surroundings. She thinks if people can get basic control over each of these eight areas and do what’s best for the mind, body and soul, they’ll have the best conditions for excellent health, energy and prosperity.

Dr. Annika is no stranger to stress, and its impact on the entire person – physically, mentally, and emotionally—having experienced her own life “challenges” and pressures. As an MD, she was trained early on to look at the “whole picture,” for her patients, but, much like the shoemaker’s son, she forgot, at times, about her own well-being. Finding herself at an impasse in a career she loved, she decided to shift her treatment focus to helping people prevent disease, rather than treating it once it occurred, and for the last six years, she’s helped numerous of business leaders begin to alleviate stress, while finding their best potential – their best selves.

On the personal side, she enjoys spending time with her family, often taking long walks at their summerhouse. An avid novel reader, she also enjoys textile crafts and listening to classical music.