Chaos to Calm


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It’s easy to take good care of yourself, right? We’re all “self-made” people. We have what it takes and

we know what to do. With all the information out there on balance – how to work right, eat right, sleep

right, love right, think right, walk right, talk right, exercise right…and the list goes on. We’re all doing it

right, right?


If so, then why are so many people depressed, stressed, in conflict in relationship, at work, even at play?

In Take Stress From Chaos to Calm: Pulling the Pieces Together: How to Find Your Best Self, Re-
Energize and Participate in Life, Dr. Annika Sorensen shows us how to make life changes that last.

Based on the “Wheel of Life,” eight key areas are highlighted: Personal Development; Health; Work;

Money; Networks; Intimacy; Fee Time/Hobbies; and Your Surroundings.Download the PDF.


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